land development

Site Development


We deliver land development services across Dallas-Fort Worth, with a focus on cost effective construction and timely approvals.  We have an extensive knowledge of each municipal jurisdiction's approval process and ongoing relationships with municipal staff members.

Land Use Planning


At TCCI, we design single-family, multi-family, mixed-use Master Planned Communities.  From our more than 40 years experience, we create livable, sustainable neighborhoods for people of all income levels.  Our team engages from land acquisition through permitting, zoning, design and construction.

Special Districts


In Texas, special utility districts are one of the most significant steps in the land development and entitlement process. We provide the government powers, financing, development and operating of major infrastructure (water, sewer, drainage, roadways, recreation facilities and other public improvements).

Our Team

Tommy Cansler

Tommy has been a successful developer of land for residential housing for over the last 30 years. He  assembled the team when he realized there was a need for one-stop-shop for residential land needs. 

Doug Donald

Doug has a well earned reputation for finding and acquiring land for successful development. He has a knack for finding the properties whose value has the potential to increase exponentially! 

Andrew Cansler

Andrew is our engineering & design leader.  He will be with you every step of the way, from land planning, engineering design, through full entitled engineered plans and approvals.