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Tommy Cansler

Owner & CEO

Boone Nerren

Capital Markets Consultant

Andrew Cansler

Director of Engineering

Rich Alberque

Director of Development


Tommy Cansler is the CEO and Owner of TCCI Land Development where he has been responsible for leading and overseeing land acquisition and operating in residential land development for the last 40 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Tommy has a background in civil engineering, land planning, construction and specializes in MUD formations and land development.


Boone Nerren became active in real estate investing in 2000. In 2004 he founded his first private investment fund, Realty Investment Opportunities, LLC. The fund strategy was to buy and hold real estate for cash flow and capital appreciation. R.I.O. grew quickly, tripling in size and membership within 3 years. A second investment fund, RIO II, was formed in 2007 to accommodate additional interest in the group's real estate and private investing efforts. In 2010 Boone began forming entities for new project development that has evolved over the last decade to include a broad range of ground up development.


Andrew Cansler graduated from Texas Tech University and is the Director of Engineering for Red Cap Rock a TCCI affiliated company. He has the background with Freese and Nichols form in which he handled water/wastewater utilities design projects and transmission. He is skilled in project management and design of civil infrastructure with a diverse background in design utilizing software and legacy methods.


Rich Alberque has a broad background in homebuilding and land development. Rich started his career as a Project Manager in a civil engineering firm, specializing in residential and commercial site planning and design. He then embarked on a distinguished career working for some of the country's largest public homebuilders. His positions have included Vice President of Operation, Regional Vice President of Land Acquisition and Development, and Division President for Centex Homes Corporation as well as Vice President of Acquisition and Land Development and Division President for Engle/Newmark Homes. In addition, he has analyzed and underwritten land development opportunities for both TDI and another New York based private equity firm. Rich currently assists TDI in Project Management and other operational functions.

Olivia Burns

Business Development, Realtor

Tracey Clem

Business Development

George Pack

Development Manager

Dave Barnes

Director of Build to Rent Division

Joe Cansler


Austin Allen

Internal Counsel

Gary Crabb

Investor Relations

Ron Allen


Kevin Aldridge


Nitya Kumar


Brian Dobbs


Danny Meza